Sunday, 30 December 2012

LOL, that's one word to put it.

my brothers crack me up all the time. here's an example of a conversation that took place in the dining room just a while ago:

so my youngest brother just came from upstairs after playing with bro #1's computer.

bro #1: you done using the desktop?

bro #3: yeah. you can use it if you'd like.

bro #1: wow. you speak... as if you have authority.

me to bro #3: omg you better phrase your words nicely so that you don't get banned from playing it.

bro #3: fine, how do you want me to say it then?

bro #1: i don't know. something like 'Master, the desktop is ready.'.

bro #3: ...

me: ...

me: LOL. 

Sunday, 16 December 2012


"why wont you bump into me on the street and ask for my number and take me out for coffee and fall in love with me what am i doing wrong"

me, everyday. lol

Saturday, 15 December 2012

it's the most wonderful time of the year

a very christmassy photo to start off my post!
i'm blogging about the Christmas party we attended last weekend :D or was it last last weekend? pfft

it was organized by dad's Pinoy friends, happening at Bayshore Apartment. the apartment is so freakin huge, bigger than our house probably. +_+

i was excited we get to stay overnight cause i was looking for an occasion to use my backpack! haha finally I get to use it -_- so yeah. i had so much fun during the party. so many cute kids. and it's nice having people call you "Ate Twinkle" aww. Ate means sister in Philippines btw. :D

lots of food during the party. we arrived 6-7pm, took family photos, ate, then play games. then near midnight, sing karaoke, after that, food is served again. LOL. slept, woke up, food ready on the table again!! there was a whole box of red and green Nescafe, i wanted to bring the whole container back home. hahaha
and the best part of all the food was definitely the pudding!! not sure what it's called, but it is the best pinoy dessert, EVER. i've never had Crème brûlée but i bet it's better than that MUAHAHA.

there was also a christmas play by the kids. so funny. love how much effort they put in the costumes though. :B

okay enough talking. pics pics pics

 ahhh this is the cute boy Kenzo! but he's so skinny now i remember how chubby his face used to be. buahhaa :D


this girl is so cute no one can beat her cuteness :O 

 check out the kid magnet

 my face is like this cause i saw a ghost behind me

 Kenjie!! Kenzo's brother. muahaha so cute cause so chubby <3

he plays King Harrod. haha

 Kenzo as baby Jesus!! cute die me. hahaha

we ate this spicy keropok together and it's so spicy but he can't stop eating. i grabbed a glass of water for him, after drinking, he asked me to pour it into the keropok. LOL so cute.

okay time for family pics. haha :D


to end: some PG13 pictures! please close the tab if you are not of age. :)

ass ass ass. HAHAHAHA. oops looks like we have an obvious winner.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Saturday, 8 December 2012


it's been so long since i updated. just can't really find the motivation nor opportunity to blog cause I rarely take pictures now. what's a blog post without pictures right? :\ 

I watched Legally Blonde just now. a very old movie but i loved it! kinda like The House Bunny, where the dumb blonde is actually smart! haha way to break the stereotype. but i think the movie actually gives out a lot of important messages:

i) as long as you set your heart to it, be positive, carry a smile every step that you go, you sure as hell can do it.   
ii) sometimes, first impressions can be wrong. you may actually like the person once you get to know them.
iii) sometimes, something you think is perfect for you, is actually not. 
iv) sometimes, when you're chasing a dream, along the way you stumble upon something better, and it becomes your new dream. 
v) always have faith in people, and more importantly, yourself. 

yay the movie actually lifted my mood a little. i'm so positive now i don't even..
does anyone even read my blog nowadays? pfft

Sunday, 25 November 2012


yet another bad day. what's new huh?

kinda pissed at dad. sometimes he's just so... ugh. like, you want to be mad at him, but you don't have the heart to, cause it's not really his fault, but then again it is his fault, you know? idk. just feel so pissed off with no clue of what to do. i'm a walking travesty, can someone save me from my misery?

one more thing - it's a struggle, wanting so many things. sometimes I wish I could just be handed all the things I want. a new phone, my old phone, whatever i don't mind. i really really really miss my previous phone. can't help but feel miserable at the thought of it. makes me feel like i don't deserve good things. why do good things just slip through my hands like that? i hate it. i wish it was that easy, all my wants just given to me by my parents, but then again, part of me feels like i shouldn't burden them with my wants. yeah. what a good daughter right? not. it pisses me off too when they take this for granted. what am i rambling on. this has got to stop.


"He says, 'Once you've seen a star, you've seen them all.'" "He's so wrong. You see a star, you'll want to see a billion more."

"His hobbies include smoking and clubbing, i don't think he is your type." 

just a few things that's currently running through my mind..
oh can you tell? can you tell? can you tell just how sad i am?

Saturday, 24 November 2012

you better shape up cause i need a man and my eyes are set on you.

so i mentioned in my previous post that I dyed my hair black/purple? here's a pic! haha. kinda love my hair man, look at the ends. SO NICE HAHA *self absorbed oops* i posted it on instagram before but stupid app couldn't fit the ends of my hair. boo hoo

life's been so so. yesterday was the office cute guy's last day. our department held a farewell lunch at Ming's. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, not as awkward as i imagined. haha!! but i'm pretty sad he had to leave so soon. only three weeks together. T_T i'm gonna miss his eyes, those sparkling eyes. and the lame jokes he always make, sometimes to me but most of the time with other people in the office. and i'm definitely gonna miss his laugh, so loud and sometimes it gets kinda high pitched. sigh. all in all, i'm just gonna miss having someone to look forward to in the office. T_T (there aren't many motivations in the office fyi) 

i just hope three months pass by fast. :) 

and did you know? i found a new dream - London

Monday, 19 November 2012

i'm not happy

lalala deleted everything that i wrote. i complain too much. like seriously. just grow up and deal with your problems like a grown up!! which reminds me, i have to wake up for work in approximately 5hours. FML. *groans* *complains* *rants*


anyways, dyed my hair black with a hint of red/purple. kinda like it. it suits my mood lately, plus my lousy eyeliner (which apparently isn't so waterproof after all) smudges easily, which adds a little more goth to my overall look nowadays. but what can i say, i like it!! i don't want to be labelled as happy-go-lucky-melo.  cause I know i am anything but happy. i'm just too ungrateful, happiness doesn't last for me. I can get worked up over something, put my heart out and give it my all, but when the desire dies, i can just get up and leave without ever looking back. i don't think this is a good trait. i'd like to think of myself as the kind that finishes what I started. i guess nothing is perfect, and i am far from that. but you on the other hand....

well what can i say. let's just see how long this lasts. 

Monday, 12 November 2012

i have this problem..

"i have this problem where i isolate myself from civilization and then get upset because i feel lonely"

okay. very the emo tonight. i'm not particularly sure why, but i'm pretty sure i'll regret sleeping this late tomorrow morning. (i still have to work at 7am omg!) 

it's been a rough day, emotionally, for me anyways. i really can't help this feeling, idk why i'm feeling like this. I used to treat him as my comfort, thinking about him calms me, soothes me. but now, the sight of him makes me want more, so many things i want to know about him. his name, his age, his life, just.. everything about him. i sometimes imagine us sitting together, just talking, getting to know each other, laughing with each other, everything is i think my superb imagination is the reason for my sadness. -.- i'm actually serious. i think i'm just in a very bad mood, cause I know it's happening. i'm getting attached. to someone i don't even know! but i want to know him. but the window of opportunity just never presents itself. and even when it does, i'm too shy. fuck. like just fuck it. why am i like this, such a mess. why can't i be so pretty he sees me from miles away and be intrigued by me and want to know me more? why can't things just be easier for me? or more importantly, why can't I just be more realistic? why do I always like guys who are so out of reach? lmao. stupid. this is just one of the many stupid things i do in my life lah. just in case you wanted to know more about me. ha ha

i went shopping with sin khiew this afternoon. i think it's funny sometimes, how you were so sure you want to buy something, but when you return to the shop it just isn't as nice as you remembered. :( so yeah, didn't buy my bag OR wallet, just pants and a new top. haha. that kinda lifted my mood a little. i love new things <3 also bought a backpack from Zalora just now. :B i think shopping really does cheers my heart up a little. but i still can't stop thinking of the Nose bag just now. it was so perfect. as if made for me. :( but it's a whopping rm193.90. if i buy it then i won't have money left to save!! :\ i hate this kind of dilemma!! ughghg. i hope it's still there when i finally decide to buy it argh. :( :( 

so yah. first post in this blog where i actually treat it like a diary. haha. i think i actually felt better after writing this post. :) 
i'm positive things will get better, for me. besides, i have more important things to worry about. 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

internship week #1!

what a week!! my internship started last Monday, so today is the end of my first week. so far so good, I guess? don't really dare write out a certain thing that happened that made me bu shuang in fear that someone from the office sees it, putting my intern status in jeopardy. aiyer. how leh like this? can't a girl swear/gossip/curse in peace? sigh. so i guess I'll just write out the good stuffs that's happened, leaving out the bad. but let me tell you this, the bad part is actually quite insignificant! but the person involved is very important because he's gonna write a recommendation letter at the end of my internship! HAHA. so ironic. I have to be in best behavior because he determines whether I pass or not, as that letter holds a certain amount of marks. walau eh *inserts swear words*  

first few days of internship was dreadful. i had absolutely nothing to do. a few talks to attend then that's it. plus I was like this awkward little penguin in the office, not knowing what to do when I meet new people. should I go over and shake hands? say hi? or just smile then look away. T_T i'm a social person but i really cannot make the first move!! :( 

anyways, supervisor asked me to do some reading for the first week and i obediently obliged. reading material includes a 141 page Microsoft word document, and I read it all. HAHAHAHA I FEEL BRILLIANCE AND INTELLIGENCE OOZING OUT OF ME ALREADY! 

(points to pic) yes, I even made notes while reading, i was that bored. haven't you ever been so bored you had no choice but to study? haha i'll ask mum to bring me to her office next time i'm preparing for finals -.- anyways, i even listed down the words which i don't understand and would google when I get home. never did. (¬_¬)

my red shoes! :D haha.

oh and did I mention there's this cute guy sitting beside me? but what's sad is being so close yet so far apart - our cubicles are placed that our backs are against each other, plus there's also a wall in between. so if i want to look at him, it would be too obvious. so usually I just peek at him through the small crack between the cubicle and the wall. HAHAHAHA *CREEPER* 

oops. i'm sorry i'm so hiao lah. but he's too cute. when he smiles at me oh my God a part of me flies to him and never wants to come back. and I realize sometimes when we talk his eyes, they are watery!! eeeee. so big. eeeeee. plus he's so tall. eeeeeeee. and handsome. eeeeeeeee. and this one time he wore all black and i'm like eeeeeeee. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i cannot control my hormones. HAHA. oh and did I mention a friend from curtin is interning there too? but he's under Mechanical lah, i'm in Process. anyways, I was kinda annoyed at him at first cause he's so hardworking, i'm like a sloth beside him -_- but yeah, turns out he's actually quite nice. i'm so bad lah thinking shitty things about him like that.!! and all he's been is supportive. for example, there was this one time I couldn't find anyone to help me connect to a printer, so of course I had to ask the ONE GUY sitting right next to me right? *cough* cute guy *cough* and I did and he went over to my computer and helped me. and said friend was sitting opposite my cubicle and I signaled over and gave him 'the look', and in return he gave me an approving look that says 'nailed it!' SEE HOW NICE THIS FRIENDSHIP IS? 

when me and the cute guy get married i'm gonna include him in my wedding vow, thanking him for his unconditional support. wahaha not forgetting an incident that happened just now. another girl flirted with the cute guy while PURPOSELY passing his cubicle!! so i went over to my friend's desk and said, "zomg did she hiao him?!" and he's like "yeah, she did. she even went over to scare him or something." me: "WHAT SHOULD I DO!" "you should make him coffee tomorrow.

it just doesn't get any better than this. 

P/s if you thought my internship post would be more insightful then i'm sorry i disappointed you! HAHAHA 

P/P/s no one noticed my stacked bracelets meh?! :( 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

this video is the dog's bollocks

omg. am currently watching this video. so much emotions/comments I had while watching. (i'm not even done watching yet) and I feel a little shy spamming everyone's twitter wall so here i am! back in this blog of mine, where no one can say anything about me writing all this crap because they can just not read it. LOL!

so anyways, here goes. my FEELS:
just FYI, Finn is the one on the left, Tyler - middle and Jack - right.

- Finn is so effing hot. just look at that face. zomg. there is no bad angle on him.

- is it me or is he constantly giving the camera the 'sexy look'? eew kinda turned off I don't like vain boys

- did you see the way Jack looked at Tyler when he said "my body's ready" ?? hahaha :O


- is it just me or is Finn somehow slightly left out in this vid. seems like most of the time Tyler's just talking to Jack lol

- i like Jack's laugh :B

- omg Tyler loves One Direction and Justin Bieber. he's my soulmate wtf

- Tyler ships Zayn and Niall. what. I ship Zayn and Harry. sigh i guess i'll have to call off our wedding.

- but wait. Jack has a thing for Zayn and he tweets him!! LOLOL

WHY IS HE SO FUNNY OMG!! he actually made up a ship for himself and Zayn -- JAYN? LMAO!! *swoons*

and notice the one tweet at the back, "you delete your twitter account?!? Now we can't DM"
HAHA I literally lol-ed at this. TOO MUCH. but really, who can resist a funny guy WHO'S ALSO EXTREMELY GOOD LOOKING.

- Finn says he likes Harry Styles OMG #SOULMATES HAHAHAHAHAHA ooh he says Harry Styles is his baby. that's not right now is it. I'm Harry Styles' baby wtf.


okay video ended. lmao. seriously.
OBVIOUSLY i'm not in the right state of mind to exist, yet even blog all this out. someone save meeeeeeeee. but why are there so many hot people but yet so little hot people in Miri? waaaaaiiiiiiiiii 

Monday, 29 October 2012

a little update on me life

quite a while since i've dropped in a proper update. 
it's been quite a week - last Sunday, our house was burglared. it was tragic, really. I've grown tired answering all the questions of what happened? how did it happen blahblah. :s 

anyways, the police didn't do a good job catching the thieves. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that there was no doing involved at all. -_- sigh. I still feel that if I were in the US, I would get all my stuffs back. *pouts*

but all is well. we are all unharmed from the event. lesson learnt: must always close your windows properly!! :) 
stay safe everyone. 

so now I shall blog about what happened one week after the event. haha :D

 okay, took a pic of me wearing my watch 'cause during breakfast I saw an old lady wearing the exact same watch!!!! =.=
my immediate reaction was WHAT?!!! 

plus it didn't look that nice on her (NO OFFENCE JUST BEING HONEST) so I took a pic to make sure it looks nice on me WTF. how nice of me. now I feel bad -_-

moving on~
headed to Parkson to get a new laptop! :D

 yay yay. ahahaha

i'm very happy :3

so yeah. happy update over. now time to worry about tomorrow ----- first paper for finals is tomorrow!

hope I can do well. haha. and another paper on Thursday omg I only studied 2 tutorials for that. I HOPE I HAVE TIME PLEASE DO NOT SLACK ANYMORE.

ciao~ ^.^

oh by the way, go listen to One Direction's Little Things!!! SO NICE <3

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

well now, isn't this something to think about?

so.. have you lived your life to the fullest? :) 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

let go and move on

watched this last night with my parents! it was a very touching movie.

basically it's about a boy who loses his dad during the 9/11 tragedy. it shows him snooping into his father's closet and finding a vase with an envelope with 'Black' printed on it. inside, lies a key. he then made it his goal to figure out what his father wanted him to find out.

he took name books and circled all the Black's, listing them into areas where they live, and making sure he visits them every time that he can. because of this little 'adventure' of his, he drifted away from his mother. it was sad, really, watching the scene where he leaves the house, and his mother just stands there watching him leave. he did whisper i love you from under the door though, which I thought was rather sweet.

anyways, he was a very clever little boy. he processes everything so quickly and has his own way of dealing with things. he even has a walkie-talkie which he uses with his grandmother who lives next door. "grandma, are you awake? over."

at the same time, there was a man staying at his grandma's, someone his grandma refused to let him meet. but somehow he managed to meet the old man, told him everything he's been through, and the old man just stood up and wrote on his paper (he couldn't speak) "I'm tired. I go to sleep." and that was the end of that. haha kinda funny actually. I expected him to collapse on the floor declaring a heart attack or something LOL

before the boy left, the old man offered to go on his adventure with him. he said yes, which he regretted immediately after. it was cute, the two of them going out to find the lock to the key. in the end, the boy was already giving up. he went through so many Black's, so many pictures of them, moments with them. but still no where near the lock. He asked the old man, whether he thinks there's a lock for the key. "YES." then, he asked, whether he thinks they will find that lock. "NO." between the adventures, the boy, being so sharp at his age, already figured out that the old man was his grandfather. therefore he enjoys the adventure a little more, with someone so alike his father guiding him through. :)

the twist arises when he returns home from their 'last' adventure. he revises the newspaper clip his dad left for him, where he circles the words 'don't stop looking', and realized there's another thing behind that is circled. it was a phone number. he called it. and it brought him on his final adventure.

that number belongs to a broker, who somehow was expecting the boy already and brought him to her ex husband, who she says might know where the key belongs to. turns out his father bought that vase for his mother for their anniversary, from said ex husband. such a lovely miracle that all this while THAT man was searching for the key too, as his late father left him a note before he died, saying that the key inside the blue vase was for him. but at the time it was already too late as he sold off the vase. isn't beautiful how everything turned out? :)

it was a happy ending for the man, but sadly not for the little boy. he ran all the way home and cried, tearing all the maps, scrapbooks he made throughout the months. his mother came in and calmed him down. then jeng jeng another plot twist. (this is where I cried the most omg) turns out his mother knew about all his adventures, and she went to all the Black's which she think he might visit on the day and tell them about what happened, and to expect him coming. so touching omg like really. everyone cried at their story. there was one mother with 5 noisy kids, and one of the kids drew him a picture of him holding the key in his hands. :') just many different kind stories he experienced with many different people. the most beautiful thing i have ever watched.

so with that, I guess he finally let go.
to end, he wrote a letter to all the Black's he visited,  thanked them and mentioned how he found the rightful owner to the key. everything was good, his grandfather eventually got back together with his grandmother. and the broker who lead him to her ex husband, they got back together too. :)

more importantly, the boy was finally able to let go.

sometimes there are things in life which only hurt ourselves if we don't let go. the harder you hold onto it, the more it hurts you. sometimes you cannot change something that has happened, so what else is there to do but move on?


Thursday, 11 October 2012

nice to see nice to hold..

so I was looking through pictures to find a better more awesome-r one to use as my FB cover photo, but ended up reminiscing last year's China trip! which, i'm ashamed to say, I haven't even finish updating on! WAHAHA (the updates were on my old blog!)

I was so organized with the pictures I took. making a folder for each place and naming the folders accordingly too. thank goodness I did, if not I doubt I can remember any of the names. so here goes~

not a continuation of my update though. not sure if I already posted these pics, but I just want to express how much I love snow! and how thankful I am that I've finally seen snow! touched snow! feel snow!! woot woot

HAND! !!!!

 this was our 6th day in China i think. we went to climb Er Mei Shan, and it was snowing heavily at the time! :O
the scenery's gorgeous, the hike was pretty too, pretty damn tiring that is!
I was gasping for breath by the time we reached the top. lmao

oh, short story on the mountain: tour guide said that there's a huge statue on the top of the mountain, made of pure gold if not mistaken!! good luck trying to steal it back though. HAHA!
anyways, he mentioned that people climb all the way to the top, and make a wish by the statue!! so of course I was up for it! that line alone is motivation enough :p

but he did tell us that we might not be able to see the statue clearly due to the heavy snow. *inserts sad face*

but God loves us so when we reached the top, WE SAW THE STATUE :D


 almost there!!
very blurry view of the statue. haha. I was already giving up when we reached the stairs. I remember telling my mum to go on without me. and that I'd live without that one wish. LMAO!

 I swear that isn't drool! HAHA

 ahh. the wish granting statue.

 snow snow snow. freezing snow!

if you noticed, I kept emphasizing that the statue grants wishes! bahaha
not a superstitious person, but something amazing happened. when I reached the top, I really did make a wish. I forced my parents to make one too! hahaha no idea what they wished for but I wished for a new phone! cause I was still using my Sony at the time and was desperately in need of a new one. :B

a few days later, (still during the trip), dad went to our room and told my bro and I about our phones. wow. talk about efficient. so yeah, dream fulfilled. :D <3

lesson learnt: never underestimate the power of a wish and never give up climbing a mountain with a wish granting statue at the top. lmao

ahh. nothing like warm milk tea during winter!!  felt so good after drinking this.

 love this pic wei. :O
love how hardcore I was too. bought a fur bag just for that trip. lmao. the me now can't be arsed at all.

yes, my duck fetish was already developed way back then.

 on the way down (like, finally) the mountain, we saw these monkeys haha. so cute!

 this one with her baby somemore! I think??? hahahaha.

group photo at the end of the day. I think most of us weren't ready. HAHAHA
or maybe it's just me. :D