Tuesday, 17 January 2017

feelin' the blues

Love, Rosie is one of the best chick flicks out there don't argue with me. 

and it's making me feel all the feels rn. T_T 

Sam Claflin & Lily Collins! thank you for playing out the roles perfectly, i don't mind if you two dated in real life too. (but mf Sam is married ugh) 

i have nothing much to say, just that the movie is making my insides squirm and feeling all kinds of weird. like how your stomach feels when you're bout to vomit. rn my insides are like that and i'm about to puke out feelings. 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

"you have to love yourself and everyone around you before it's too late." 

Monday, 2 January 2017


hey guys. just dropping in for a short post on new year resolutions. no, don't cringe please. i just really want to make a change in my life once and for all. stop living the way i have always been, go out there and actually do something to turn my life around. :)

hopefully i'll stick by these resolutions.

  • instead of spending so much money on makeup, actually put all that makeup to use! explore new looks, find what looks best in what occasion. be creative! and no, you don't need that lipstick (especially liquid ones, i find that they tend to change texture after awhile eews) because you have wayy too many shades to actually finish them all! expired make up = wasted money. 
  • - avoid malls at all cost - because gurlfriend y'know your self control game ain't shit.
  • please start saving some moolah for your trips. last minute ain't cool. every time you get tempted by makeup, tell yourself that you could be travelling & seeing new things/places/maybe a hot guy or two. in short, just STOP BUYING MAKE UP or WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY ON!!!!
  • please at least try to be early.
  • please stick to a healthier lifestyle. don't forget you're checking your cholesterol / uric acid again in June. get your shit together and actually run. run until it doesn't feel like a chore, run until your fats don't shake when they cry. urgh jiggly legs/arms/TUMMY, uhm just nope. 
  • stay on your diet. if you're hungry and it's way past eating time, distract yourself. the hunger will go away. 
  • exercise. exercise. exercise!! no lame excuses, no ditching gym for FOOD, NO. only one cheat/rest day per week. 
  • please, be a little less sadistic and a little more positive. 
  • try to be happy. and actually enjoy it. 
  • start reading books during free time instead of constantly refreshing your twitter feed. 
  • start watching dramas again, and actually finish a damn drama and not stop at episode 4 like you always do. 
  • stop being picky and get a new job. 

okay. these are all i can think of now. nothing too heavy, right? achievable and realistic resolutions. ha ha only thing these are exactly opposite of me. it's gonna be tough but let's see how this year goes. :)