Friday, 22 March 2013

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.

HI. idk why time flies so fast nowadays, seems like just yesterday i was complaining that school is starting, and now it's the end of week 3 already. *wipes sweat*

just a little update: i have a new cat!!
i'm very happy with this little addition into our family. :)
no wonder people always talk about living with 123456 cats and growing old with them. haha

this was right after he had his bath haha. still so skinny back then

sleepy kitty.

scared kitty

photogenic kitty.

doll size kitty.

intelligent kitty.

distracted kitty.

fat kitty.

and my favorite - puss in boots kitty. :D just look at those eyes! 

okay, enough about the cat, don't want to give off the crazy cat lady vibes so soon. hahaha
the casings i bought off taobao finally arrived! friend helped me buy them yay and i'm happy with the quality.

guess which one i'm using first? haha :D i'll give you a prize if you guess right. maybe not.

on another note, i've really been thinking about opening a blogshop. like, really really deep in thought and just might start it soon. what do you think? would you support me if i do?  :)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

an artist in love


hello. idk why time just passes us by so quickly. it's already week 2. 10 more weeks and my school life for this semester will be over. haha somehow i don't want it to be over so soon. i don't really anticipate working life all that much. feels to me like all fun and games will be over and i'd have to act like an adult - make important life decisions, etc. in all honesty i'm not ready to grow up, i don't know the basics of it all. heck, i don't even know how to cook! i only know how to earn small money and then spend it all on unnecessary things!

anyways, a little update on my life so far:

  • our family has a new cat now!! hahaha so adorable and so naughty. sometimes you just feel like slapping it but when it's good it's the cutest little angel ever. 
  • it's 930am and class starts at 1030am but yet i'm here updating instead of bathing aiiihhh
  • i don't think there's anything else to say my life's been a bore since always. haha


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

throwback Spontaneous Brunei Trip!

first day of the semester was.. well it wasn't that bad. but we were the last to enter the class omg why old habits don't die one? it was nice seeing everyone, though not all. HAHA hint hint*

anyways, i'm really happy today. after class, we got our rm250 vouchers, had lunch at Double Star, then went stationery shopping in Union. it was hella fun! like spending free money. :p my lunch was horrid though. do not ever order Stir Fried Udon from Double Star, it is rm9 worth of crap that makes even my dog's food look mouth watering. -_- 


so since everyone's so into throwback's lately, i feel more than obliged to join in.
last Wednesday, we were bored out of our minds, so last minute decided to go for sushi in Brunei! haha it was hell'a thrilling. i'm not one to just say yes at the very last minute, so this can be considered one of the very first times i said yes to a spontaneous suggestion. :D 

on our way to KB, we brought our babies along. ;] 

finally i had the chance to use my Hello Kitty passport holder! Haha *stoked*

with our tummy's grumbling, we finally arrived at Excapade. earlier at the immigration, the officer told us that Excapade has been closed for months. LOL! I was stunned and just stared at him blankly. i wanted to ask 'are you serious?!' cause he looks damn serious while saying that, but couldn't utter a word. hahaha in the end he just laughed and we knew it was a joke. HAHA *RELIEVE*


 Kyushu Roll

 Salmon Cheese Nabe

 okay can't really remember all the food names. but all of them were delicious. i can never not love sushi! or salmon, or cheese, or or or food! hahaha. but i think the dishes we ordered this time were too sweet! :\ i need more sushi's i guess. ugh my stomach is grumbling now >:(

and after dinner, we made our way to Supa Save! but alas we failed to find it. got directions from so many people but still didn't manage to find. plus halfway searching it started to rain heavily, at a point we were driving on a narrow straight road that seemed like it leads to no where, with the rain pouring down so heavily i could barely see the road. we passed by a sign board, and Jac said that it read "danger: flooding zone", i laughed and she said she's serious. i swore i almost broke down and cried HAHA but i kept my cool, i think.

so that's the tragic ending of our trip. yummy sushi but no yummy souvenirs to be brought back! haha but it's okay next time we'll find it :D


on a very irrelevant note, if by any chance you read this til the end, and have Line PLAY downloaded on your phone, do add me up.

ign: Melo
invitation code: HK-7710-2604

to type in the invitation code, simply go to settings>profile>invitation code. (every code entered gives you 1000gems!)
bahaha thank you in advance.

here's a pic of us on our way to Seria, before the rain.

the end.