Tuesday, 28 August 2012

the last yogurt

so this happened last night:

I was still hungry after dinner and noticed a last yogurt in the fridge. It was mad tempting.
so I asked my brother who's playing computer..

me: hey, that yogurt is yours is it? do you want to eat it?

bro: I can't. :(

me: why?

bro: I'm sick. doc says I can't eat anything with milk.

 after he said that, we both looked at the fridge, at.the.same.time. (bahahhaa)


"oh hot damn that yogurt's mineeeeeee"


-The End- 

bahahhaha evil sister laugh. :3 

Sunday, 26 August 2012


it's just one of those days, I guess.

blah. these songs are so sad but I keep listening, yet it's what gets me going. I need this. I need to feel sad to appreciate the good. I need this. I need to be sad. Bye. 

Friday, 24 August 2012

feelings and all that shit

i love how there's always at least one permanent couple in TV Series.

take for example, the ever famous Marshall and Lily in How I Met Your Mother. they've been together since the beginning of the series and you just can't help but fall in love with them. their fights, their quirks, all those small little things.

then in the series that makes me the most happy girl in the world - Happy Endings, there's Jane and Brad. I love those two. they are one freaky and crazy couple, and i love them! hahaha. can't help but laugh at everything they do. and they are both very good looking too.

last but not least, Meredith and Derek in Grey's Anatomy. Another show that I adore. I love the fact that they've been together for idk how many seasons already, with all the trials they faced they only loved each other more. gahh. idk what will happen to me if they ever break up.

was watching Grey's Anatomy at dad's friend's house just now, and the episode really made me tear. it's like for a while there I actually believe in love. not that I don't believe in love. my parents, yes, that's love. I just don't believe that it'll ever happen to me, y'know?

I honestly do not know how do two people find each other? for me, if I have slight feelings for a guy, I would immediately think about all the reasons why it won't work. oh, he used to date a friend of my friend. oh no, it'd be weird if I hang out with his friends. it.just.simply.won't.work. etc etc blahblahblah

see what I did there?? hahaha.
but these TV series.. gahh. idk. I just wish maybe someday I'll find that someone who'll make me forget everything and just go for it. someone who won't make me think twice. haha
or maybe it'll be just adorable cats and dogs. lmao

 Jane and Brad from Happy Endings. 

 Meredith and Derek from Grey's Anatomy. 

Marshall and Lily from HIMYM. (and Barney in the background haha) 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

like in the movies

so.. it was raining cats and dogs just now. couldn't go out cause I can't see properly when it's raining, actually my vision gets kinda cloudy whenever I drive at night. yikes :(

stayed home and watched a movie called "We Bought A Zoo" starring Matt Damon. it's been a while since our family watched a movie together, though it was only me and the parents just now. haha the others were too busy with games and stuff. tsk

the movie really touched me. actually all movies do. i'm just a very emotional person. LOL
kinda love how movies are always so predictable - start off good, then comes the storm of problems, and finally, rainbow after the rain. everything just goes so smoothly.

I guess that's why we're all so in love with movies. We wish our lives would be like how it is in movies, where the sun always shine when you need it to, where good guys always win in the end, where the boy you like likes you back, and where everything is just... like a movie.

well if you look really closely, you'd realize that life is just like the movies. it is, it really is.
now we reach the part where I bore you with my favorite part(s) of the movie:

"sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. And I promise you, something good will come out of it."

"talking to girls is easy. They'll tell you anything. The key to talking is listening."

and last but not least.. (ahh the tears I cried inside and out for this)

so after the zoo was a success, movie shows Matt Damon bringing his kids to a diner. Apparently it was the place where he first met their mother, who sadly passed away due to an illness.

He was, as usual, telling them a story, this time on how he met their mother...
*tears welling up omg*

"So this was where I first saw your mother. She was sitting at this very table."

 then he walks out of the diner and demonstrated to his kids how he walked passed.

"I was walking by, and then I saw her. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. I stopped. I literally stopped for 10 seconds. and I thought to myself, 20 seconds of insane courage. and I walked in."

"when I walked in, I thought to myself, what was I doing?! but by then I still had 15 seconds of courage, so with that I walked up to her and said.."

and he looked to his kids, both were so eager to hear him finish. the look on their faces is <3
then their mum appeared, and amazingly the children can see her too. it was beautiful, really, that scene.

"I said.. 'Excuse me...'" (followed by the longest most excruciating pause EVER)

"Why would a beautiful lady like you, even speak to a guy like me?" 
to which his wife replied...
"Why not?

I swear it was the most.. ughghhg scene!! I couldn't bear it I cried. even when I stopped crying my heart continued to weep. idk it just touched me. sigh. maybe it's the weather or something. i'm SAD and HAPPY at the same time this is too much.

I think you have to watch the movie to feel it. the love, the anger, everything. :'D

plus the little girl is adorbs!! cutest thing ever xD the son also quite good looking, but he's more to those hipster emo kind of kid. see he can't even be bothered to appear in the poster. LOL #signsyourahipster

but eew Scarlett Johansson spoiler. *gags*

just a little update :D

it's been SO long since i updated!! I guess with classes/twitter/fb/tumblr/emails and online shopping to attend to, i've neglected my poor blog. but it's okay bloggie cause i'm here now. HEHE

life's been good. haven't been down or depressed lately. too busy being busy. haha. but I do hate the weather lately, so friggin hot!! I AM NOW ONE SHADE DARKER. UGH 

so anyways I was editing all the photos from the past few months (since June) and I got lazy. HAHA. so just a few of each would suffice. ngek

 at Burgerlah with Joan and Doreen.

there was a dog show in civic center that day, so we went to check it out. so many adorable pups. hehe

 ooh you ugly thang

 ughghg adorable!! it was so hard to walk away from it. :(

 *puppy sad face*


 pup-sized Superman and Batman. haha

 Daryl, Terry and Daryl's birthday cake. haha. it was football themed and his face was photoshopped onto one of the players body LOL

 this is... cool. xD


 new watch HEHE

 so much pink from awhyo hehe <3

 in case you missed me. ;)
call me beep me if you wanna reach me.

celebrated 2nd brother's birthday at Siamese Secret with his big group of friends. look at their happy faces.

LMAO they're like "i'm trying to eat here woman enough with the picture taking."

steamboat at 883! this was (quite) recent. lol

 i've never seen myself this happy. LOL i guess self made ABC has such an effect on me. hoho

I had one bowl of ABC, and two bowls of ice cream. WAHAHAHA LOVE

 c3 and Jun Kai.

 Daryl and dog with the evil eye.

 group photo! :D
there was actually a competition going on. we take a group picture and stand a chance to win 10 free seats. haha but after taking this the girl told us we have to be more creative..

so after brainstorming..

 we came up with this. well actually it was c3's idea. haha
we're so winning this thing. *confident*

this was at Barcelona for Jau's birthday celebration. hehe
we had dinner at Ajisen Ramen before that. the food there was divine. seriously.
 drunken Jau.

 cake eating.. haha. it was delish! :3

 group photo!

 another group photo taken on my birthday! haha
ahhh kinda miss my birthday. :p

and the delicious food that day. hoho.

okay that is all. so many pics for you all to digest. maybe a wordy post some other day. :]
happy holidays everyone!