Friday, 14 March 2014

staying positive

guess what came in the mail the other day!! 

was really happy to receive this parcel of mine, mainly because I was really excited for the arrival of my new bags :3 

aren't they lovely?? *~* 
i love the snake skin one so so much!! ehehehehe 
sorry for gloating :p 

dress from padini. didn't get it 'cause it was a little too feminine for me. ahaha

siblings love awww 
don't we look lovely in our matching outfits? 
3 quarter sleeve top + long pants + Birkenstock 

hmm i think that's all for my post. not really in the mood (LAZY) to write a long ass word post anyways. believe it i spent the whole afternoon to night watching my series - Revenge, which I am 100% head over heels in love with!! <: 
I love Emily Thorne, i love Nolan Ross.. and all the drama. I love it when they bring people down and succeed, but it gives me heart attack whenever I feel like their plan's gonna be sabotaged. 
I'm halfway through Season 2 now and 'The Initiative' and their limitless source of information creeps me the hell out. :C 
dear directors I have faith that y'all would keep Emily and Nolan safe eyy? :) 

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