Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I just hope you are there for all the times I will love you

here's what's gonna happen: i'm listening to all my songs on shuffle and whatever lyrics that sticks in my head i'll type it out. gonna be fun. :}

nothing to lose and we                                               get messed up for fun 
爱不用刻意安排 凭感觉去                                   轻吻相拥 and when i walk into
 a room everyone stop and stare come on             baby let's just get drunk forget we don't get on
but i could never leave your side no matter what say just pretending that we're cool and we know it too
all of the faces you were the one next to me it's like you're a leech sucking the life of me quick come back
 home or i might just die funny you're the broken one but i'm the only one who needed saving take me to the 
edge then you hit the brakes  i wish that the good outweighed the bad so it'll never be over sabay sa paglaya
 ng ating mga puso you're doing all these things out of desperation he was a no show i made sure you got
home nothing can ever ever replace you we can learn  to love again they say i'm better off now than i 
ever was with her i'm smiling but i'm dying fill my heart with song and let me sing forevermore 再不
打给我 我就不打算追回你 we were both sixteen and it felt so right staying up all night i'm not
 moving on i'll love you long after you're gone hold me really tight until the stars get big
 shot me out of the sky you're my kryptonite i'd dive into frozen waves my pride my 
ego my needs and my selfish ways tell me how long can you hang on to a word 
at the same time i wanna hug you i wanna wrap my hands around your
 neck nothing else can break my heart like true love come back
into my arms get reckless in the starlight counting cracks 
along the pavement dressed in all pink 'cept my gator
shoes those are green turn around bright eyes
this is the last time i'll fall in love  
his lips are dripping honey
but he'll sting you 
like a bee 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

i'm perfectly happy with the way things are :)

been keeping myself busy the past few days, organizing and putting TGV! tags into each product. all this, THIS, makes me really happy. i've always loved the idea of owning my own blogshop, and now it's finally happening. though it's not that well known yet, only amongst friends, but i do hope someday it will be one of the leading blogshops in Malaysia. haha a girl can dream right? :)

no doubt, sometimes fear creeps in and the voice in my head tells me, what if all this doesn't turn up? and you end up making yourself even more broke with tonnes of unwanted stuff at home? then i cringe and think maybe i should just back out now. but not long after another voice tells me, dreams come true to those who make them happen, to those who believe.

i think you know which voice i chose to listen.

thank you, Lord. I know it is you who is helping me throughout. i've never been happier. all the times when i didn't think i could make it, I did in the end. and I know it is You working Your magic behind everything I do. haha. i'm forever grateful. :)

tuition free week!!

surprise surprise --- it's tuition free week again!! hahaha funny how times flies oh so fast. can't deny that i love how Curtin gives us so many breaks though :P 

not sure why but i feel so.. released by this break! haha which is good 'cause i really need a break from you know, life. :O 
ignore my previous post, I wrote it out of anger, but the post remains cause sometimes i do feel that way, i'm only human. :) 

anyways, some pictures of me (you missed my face right?) recent outings. ngek 

 last minute studying at Starbucks the other day. not sure why suddenly had the urge to study there, what with the new renovation completed and all.

after that, we headed over to Al Fresco as some of us wanted to have supper!! :O

 idk what was i thinking then 'cause I TOOK NO BITE OUT OF BOTH PIZZAS OMGGGG MELO ARE YOU CRAZAYYYY???!! >:(

so NO, i don't know how they tasted. *cries*

 me and Ming Ming!! he's definitely growing. i love him so much i don't even.. hahaha
i think i just might be on my way to becoming Malaysia's Next Top Crazy Cat Woman. lmao fml much?
but yah. he makes my bad days better. picture yourself home after a long day, and he just snuggles up to you and lie there without making a sound and just.. sleeps. gosh this is perfection right there. hahaha

if love was like cats and dogs, then i'm definitely a cat person. what i mean is, i prefer this kind of love, instead of the overwhelming response Raven (my dog) gives me whenever i let her out of her cage. ahaha
don't get me wrong i still love my dog okay!!

kitty leopard shoes i got from Zalora!! kinda big for me though. have to put the shoe pad again so it won't fall off when i walk :O
the one i put on my spike shoes are already disintegrating zzz literally. i'm serious -_- why is life so hard?? hahahaha.

idk i'm in a really good mood today!! i think it shows from this post of mine. ahah okay. happy holidays to all Curtin students, and anyone else who's on holiday too!! :D

Sunday, 14 April 2013

hello everyone

hello everyone. it's been awhile since i updated. time just fly by so fast i'm finding it hard to even catch my breath. gahh. i'm sinking under tonnes of assignments and stress and whatnot i just don't know how to cope with it all anymore. and sometimes the days just get really hard to get through, especially when it comes to family issues.

not gonna say much, but i'm just gonna say this: everyone goes on about not crying over spilt milk. yah. same goes for rotten eggs. you don't keep rotten eggs in hopes that they'll get better. you throw them away. cause they're rotten. rotten is a state you reach when there's no point of return. i know i am wrong for saying this, i do. i am. but i just hate you so much right now i don't.. wait. i don't hate you. i feel indifferent about you. would you just leave so this family would be at peace? but i guess it wouldn't change a thing because apparently you're SO important to them. idk what they see in you honestly. all you do is stir trouble, and i'm the one left to clean up the mess.

so fuck you.

anyways, my blogshop is finally up! please help share my page/blog/instagram cause i would really want more people to know about it. THANK YOU!

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