Thursday, 11 July 2013

Despicable Me

hellooooo~ hahaha
life's been great lately. so far so good, i guess?

 maybe except the fact that I received a saman yesterday after having that cheesy delight from Ma Baker!!?? it's not my fault they provide so little parking spaces!!!!! =.= *still pissed*

moving forward~

we watched Despicable Me 2 last night!! IT WAS AWESOMEEEEEE
I wanted to scream in the cinema HAHAHA cause it was so damn funny. sigh
I want a minion too. a living breathing one who does all my evil deeds for me and I would feed him ice cream and he'd go 'gelato gelato gelato' hahahaha. 

and I also want a daughter as cute as Agnes and I want her never to grow up!! :> 
sounds like a nice life plan to me :B

so last night after movie we proceeded to L4D with George, Tracy, Sheun and her bf. hahaha playing versus was awesome even though my team lost!!! hahahaha 

throwback to last Saturday (which was just as awesome) 

sit in for the Glass Bubbles as their keyboardist was outstation. :) 
it was a new experience for me, honestly didn't know what I was doing half of the time but the guys were really friendly and nice. I sincerely hope i didn't bring down their performance? :\ 
an awesome experience nevertheless. thank you! :D 

after party at Al Fresco! haha
cause we wanted to feast our eyes on George's brother who's back from China. He lost so much weight!! :O 
we headed over to Celebs after cause his brother was there but alas we couldn't find him! haha sad sad. :( 

guess who got drunk that night. 

yea you guessed right. hahahaha XD 

and to end this post, my cat!! hahaha who's so fat now cause he asks to be fed like, every hour?? =.= 

look at the size of that thingggg compared to my leg somemore. 

fat cat fat cat hahaha
and look how awesome my post night out skin is. HAHA
I had 2 hours sleep only too that night cause I brought my cat in and he woke me at 6am to eat =.=" 
I slept at 4!! SO YEAH. 

I guess that's all? haha don't you just love holidays? hehehehe :) 

new sunnies that just came in for the blog shop. :B 
can't decide which to get for myself. ahaha xD 

bye bye bye 

Monday, 1 July 2013

May June July

sorry I just needed this awesome thang on my blog :B 

happiness is temporary

posting this picture cause I look really happy

everything is temporary, everything fades away

since nothing lasts forever
how about I be nothing
nothing at all to you