Friday, 31 May 2013

B +

tumblr is where i end up on bad days
i haven't been on tumblr for a while, but i am back now

not feeling my best today. probs because my stuffs aren't here yet. I feel like i'm disappointing my buyers who are waiting on their stuffs to arrive. /.\ 

and right now, i just feel like travelling so so much. I feel like buying something, anything really, to quench this sadness inside of me. I just feel so blue. but i guess I'm very practical minded now that I've started my blog shop business cause I haven't bought anything.. so far. but I know I will soon. *gulps* 

they say not to care about anything people say, but is it that easy? not to me it isn't. I just care to much. even when I act like I don't, shrug it off nonchalantly, words are carved inside my brain and I can't help but replay them and there goes my day, and my smile. sigh 


take me anywhere 
give me the determination to save up so I can travel

-all pictures from tumblr- 

Monday, 27 May 2013

just a thought

mm hmm
just wondering, is it possible for someone to be alone forever?
will people think i'm weird?

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


so we went to watch Iron Man 3 the other day!! needless to say, it was awesome. ahah. despite spilling my drinks and causing the cinema to flood (if you're working there and had to clean up my mess I AM SO SORRY), i still enjoyed the movie, albeit a little distracted. T_T idk why i'm so clumsy! >:(

really nothing to blog about actually. just felt like updating this space. exams are coming up, so are the assignments. sigh. i don't feel like continuing cause i feel so clueless all the time. like a leaf falling aimlessly, guided by the wind. blah. for me the wind is my come again gone again studying mood!! i never knew i'm so competitive until I find myself being sad over 1 mark!! but i'm allowed to be sad if said 1 mark is out of 2 marks right?????

just saying. -_-
idk what's wrong with me. being down over petty marks. and yet i don't even study/start on assignments until the very last minute. aduhaaaaaaii. wake up please.