Thursday, 27 June 2013

i love my new bag :)

so i bought a bag. bahahahaha!! so freakin' happy with it. the longer I stare at it the more i love it! :) 
happy buy muahaha <3 

so finally it's school break! one month of holidays, honestly i don't know what i'm gonna do. haha stay at home and rot? :p 
anyways, finally quitting the tuition job. it kinda made me miserable cause the kids are so disrespectful and I can't for the life of me, teach. I love spending my nights at home and i'm glad i can.. soon. :] 

so we went to watch Man of Steel last night. it was draggy, but Superman's gorgeous face made it worthwhile. hahaha

sorry, not a Channing Tattum fan. but this is the only life size poster for me to camwhore with! HAHA

omg. was laughing like mad when taking this pic. hands couldn't stop shaking from laughing so hard.


lovely day with the bunch!

and just this afternoon, Doreen and I watched Now You See Me! 
I was.. in awe. it was just

even better than Superman. *gasp* 
but yeah, not exaggerating. if you haven't watched it, go!! 

and since i'm in a movie frenzie, might as well add here that I downloaded a movie, called Something Borrowed. saw the advertisement on Star World. 

sounds like a nice movie I really can't wait to watch it and maybe (maybe) blog about it! :D 
only because I feel i'm like the pity girl who lost her guy HAHA and afraid that this will happen to me in real life in the future omg. huhu T_T

til then~ 


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

nothing is less

have you ever felt so alone when all you needed was a pat in the back telling you that you can do it? i think it's weird how sometimes we seek comfort from strangers because it is so much easier to pour out all that is bothering you to them because they don't know you therefore they cannot judge you. but thing is, i don't even have a stranger to talk to. all the pain and fear i feel i just push them down when it seems overwhelming. and sometimes, i just don't know what to do anymore. do i give up? or do i go on? is it pointless to carry on? or would things be better if I just held on a little longer

Monday, 10 June 2013


sometimes, there are things in life that happen and you don't understand why they do.
why do people do what they do?

so i think sometimes, it's better to just forget about it. let go and move on with life. cause I would much rather enjoy life than spend my time being sad over petty things. so yeah, I really do feel indifferent about it all. which is a really good thing, and i'm proud of myself.

Fr. Andy's homily last Sunday touched me and changed me.
he told us not to be sad over loved ones who passed away. instead, rejoice in the fact that they're on their way to meet our Heavenly Father. think of death as a 'see you soon', instead of a parting.

as I sat quietly in church that morning, I looked around to see the people's reactions to his words. I wonder whether they agree with what he's saying. for me, i'm terrified of death. the thought of it brings me to tears. the thought of ever having to lose either one of my parents, my friends, my siblings, and myself? it's just too much to bear. I don't know how I would die, it isn't a very pleasant thing to be thinking about either. but as I sat there listening to his words, I felt enlightened. all of a sudden, death doesn't seem like a scary thing anymore. it's always better to let go rather than to hold onto something that is already gone. do not dwell on things that make you unhappy, but rather focus on what makes you happy, and be happy.