Sunday, 17 November 2013

Halloween 2013

as promised, a post on how we celebrated Halloween this year! ^_^

so normally on special occasions which require dressing up, i would just plan on attending parties but in the end i'd just ditch the whole idea 'cause i'm so lazy to dress up. D: but this year, things were different cause i was forced to go! hahaha 

yeah, my friends dragged my lazy arse to attend the Halloween party held in PBC. it's the club where we always go for gym, which has sort of in a way became our second home. to some of us that is. 

we did our make up at Tzu's house. i watched a few of Michelle Phan's make up videos beforehand, on zombies and vampires. so i followed her instructions and drew contours for my nose but i think i just ended up smudging my face LOL! 

so anyways this was how it turned out. idk why i just can't pull off the eye shadow look. i don't know how to make it look dramatic cause i always end up looking weird. :\ 

while i was busy fussing over my eye shadow and dealing with smudges here and there, the two were already halfway done with their scary make up!! and they look wayyy scarier than me!! T.T 
when Tzu was done, she came into the room, looked at me and said, 
"Melo you're not scary enough. you just look like a pretty vampire." 

so she drew the dark circle around one of my eye like Cass, and half a mouth haha. 
thankfully she did though cause i wanted to wear my skeleton tights

look at the three of us awwww 

okayy some camwhore shots before we went for the party.

the place was nicely decorated. nice as in spookily of course ;) 

look how scary this pic looks! it's unedited btw ngehehe
it looks like a deserted house that screams "do not enter" 

and the best part was the costumes the people wore! i think cause most of the people there were ang mohs (i think we were the only asians wtf except Tzu she's half angmoh ugh) they're like mad skillful when it comes to costumes!!!!!

a couple came dressed in bathing robes and green masks on their face. haha! so creative. 
quite a lot of them dressed up as Dracula, with the cape and all, and some were zombie brides. :D 
oh oh, there's this guy who dressed up as the Tooth Fairy! with the poofy skirt and wand and all. hahah

 i still don't think i look scary at all. more like a kid who had chocolate before the party and thus the stains at the side of my mouth zzz wtf

 whereas these two look scary as fuck. no fair!! :(

this is the room
where white things glow! Haha
it's also the only part with aircond hahaha so we spent most of the time in here LMAO 
zombie bride alert! 

love potion, anyone?

people dancing to the band 

spot the tooth fairy!! 

okayy lazy to blog. nothing much to write also hahahahahaha just pictures then hehe

okay. that is all. 
bye bye 

Thursday, 14 November 2013


omg Tyler Lockwood 
how my heart flutters at your comeback
(lmao i don't even watch the series i'm way too lazy i just saw gifs on tumblr hahhaha but dayumm this boy is fine)

Monday, 4 November 2013


posting a selfie cause it has been awhile since i did! 
first time dressing up for Halloween, gonna write a blogpost on it when i'm free. hehehe but for now, i'll just leave this post with this pic, ngehehe. i don't want y'all to forget how i look mmkay :) 

that's all. anymore slacking and i won't have enough time to finish my assignments. (who am i kidding i know i'll just go back to tumblr after this post HAHA) 


my cat's been missing for a few days now. I'm counting the days til he gets home. if he doesn't come back in a week, i'll fall apart. i already am. bit by bit. please come back. don't blow out my last candle of hope.