Sunday, 30 December 2012

LOL, that's one word to put it.

my brothers crack me up all the time. here's an example of a conversation that took place in the dining room just a while ago:

so my youngest brother just came from upstairs after playing with bro #1's computer.

bro #1: you done using the desktop?

bro #3: yeah. you can use it if you'd like.

bro #1: wow. you speak... as if you have authority.

me to bro #3: omg you better phrase your words nicely so that you don't get banned from playing it.

bro #3: fine, how do you want me to say it then?

bro #1: i don't know. something like 'Master, the desktop is ready.'.

bro #3: ...

me: ...

me: LOL. 

Sunday, 16 December 2012


"why wont you bump into me on the street and ask for my number and take me out for coffee and fall in love with me what am i doing wrong"

me, everyday. lol

Saturday, 15 December 2012

it's the most wonderful time of the year

a very christmassy photo to start off my post!
i'm blogging about the Christmas party we attended last weekend :D or was it last last weekend? pfft

it was organized by dad's Pinoy friends, happening at Bayshore Apartment. the apartment is so freakin huge, bigger than our house probably. +_+

i was excited we get to stay overnight cause i was looking for an occasion to use my backpack! haha finally I get to use it -_- so yeah. i had so much fun during the party. so many cute kids. and it's nice having people call you "Ate Twinkle" aww. Ate means sister in Philippines btw. :D

lots of food during the party. we arrived 6-7pm, took family photos, ate, then play games. then near midnight, sing karaoke, after that, food is served again. LOL. slept, woke up, food ready on the table again!! there was a whole box of red and green Nescafe, i wanted to bring the whole container back home. hahaha
and the best part of all the food was definitely the pudding!! not sure what it's called, but it is the best pinoy dessert, EVER. i've never had Crème brûlée but i bet it's better than that MUAHAHA.

there was also a christmas play by the kids. so funny. love how much effort they put in the costumes though. :B

okay enough talking. pics pics pics

 ahhh this is the cute boy Kenzo! but he's so skinny now i remember how chubby his face used to be. buahhaa :D


this girl is so cute no one can beat her cuteness :O 

 check out the kid magnet

 my face is like this cause i saw a ghost behind me

 Kenjie!! Kenzo's brother. muahaha so cute cause so chubby <3

he plays King Harrod. haha

 Kenzo as baby Jesus!! cute die me. hahaha

we ate this spicy keropok together and it's so spicy but he can't stop eating. i grabbed a glass of water for him, after drinking, he asked me to pour it into the keropok. LOL so cute.

okay time for family pics. haha :D


to end: some PG13 pictures! please close the tab if you are not of age. :)

ass ass ass. HAHAHAHA. oops looks like we have an obvious winner.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Saturday, 8 December 2012


it's been so long since i updated. just can't really find the motivation nor opportunity to blog cause I rarely take pictures now. what's a blog post without pictures right? :\ 

I watched Legally Blonde just now. a very old movie but i loved it! kinda like The House Bunny, where the dumb blonde is actually smart! haha way to break the stereotype. but i think the movie actually gives out a lot of important messages:

i) as long as you set your heart to it, be positive, carry a smile every step that you go, you sure as hell can do it.   
ii) sometimes, first impressions can be wrong. you may actually like the person once you get to know them.
iii) sometimes, something you think is perfect for you, is actually not. 
iv) sometimes, when you're chasing a dream, along the way you stumble upon something better, and it becomes your new dream. 
v) always have faith in people, and more importantly, yourself. 

yay the movie actually lifted my mood a little. i'm so positive now i don't even..
does anyone even read my blog nowadays? pfft