Saturday, 26 January 2013

shoes!!! spikes!!!

not sure if i mentioned on my blog.. but i purchased some shoes from during December last year, before we left for Philippines. haha I was so worried then that it would arrive when i was still in Philippines. guess I was worried for nothing cause it just arrived yesterday (18/1/2013)! :3 after one loooooong month.

another concern of mine was the custom fees. D:
Friday after worked at 4pm sharp I practically flew out of the office, i was too excited to see my shoes. haha. i guess my timing was perfect. the lady asked me to go into the custom office, which is a small room at the side, where the faces of two men greeted me. i thought there was going to be some serious interrogation haha but they were very friendly. funny too.

he asked me what did i buy. I said shoes. then he's like hmm why the name so weird? what spikes spikes. LOL!
yeah in the end he told me i didn't have to pay cause they want to go home. MUAHAHA. i just stood there feeling like the luckiest girl on earth T_T *tears of joy*

anyways, look how huge the package is!! :O
and on the way out, there was a girl entering in, and she saw me struggling with the package so she left the door open for me. omg. i was seriously touched. like, small caring deeds like this from strangers are what really touch me. like, she's a stranger, she didn't have to do it but she did. thank you :)

this is a bit too big for me, sadly. but i bought the gel pad so kinda fits me now. :)
but you can tell it's a tad too big for me lor haha damn

perfect fit. muahaha

you should've seen my dad's face when he saw them. he said you bought shoes again?! and all spikes again?

funny thing was, i wanted to wear the red shoes to a CNY dinner our company is having in Feb.
and dad said to me, (office) people wear casual to this kind of dinner lah! it's not the annual dinner.
HAHA i literally LOL-ed when he told me that cause I imagined myself attending all dressed up with high heels then seeing everyone there in jeans and tshirt LMAO omg.

love this pair. and my leggings too. too bad i don't have many tops to wear with it :\ hmm

okay that is all. loving my shoes.

the bag i bought online didn't turn out so well. the handle broke can you believe it? i only used it for like 2 weeks? what a rip off. i took down the blog post i wrote on it, not gonna promote such a site. haih disappointing. now i need to spend on a new bag again

and today's such a boring day. so boring i've resolved to blogging, and noticed this drafted post which i forgot to post weeks ago. lol! yah so here i am. editing the Philippines pictures too. stay tuned! :)

Monday, 21 January 2013

zen me ban?

i don't know how to feel sad anymore.
reading back on my old posts, seeing how depressed i was half a year ago, I felt nothing about it. part of me wants to feel that sad again, at least it'll hurt and i'll learn my lesson and move on, or something. but no. there are things that disappoint me that happen but i feel nothing. i do still listen to sad songs but they don't impact me as much as they did back then. have i totally shut off my emotions? idk.

i want to feel sad, to be honest.
i want to feel the pain in my chest, i want to cry so hard i can't breathe.
i want to feel the sorrow of us not ever being together, and have that sadness carved into my being, so that every time i feel sad, i'm reminded of you

Monday, 14 January 2013


hi, just a quick update since i've been gone for so long. if you consider 10 days or so long. haha
anyways, been camwhoring a lot lately due to the existence of a smartphone, again! (if you didn't know my previous phone was stolen a while back and I was deprived of a gadget to take pictures of myself, but not anymore!!) 

i love my hair and the spike head band!! T_T so much.hahahahaha oh and my brow too. only this half though the other brow is ugly. :( why can't I get my brows right? *sighs*

i've been meaning to upload the rest of the Philippines photos (not) but just can't seem to find the time to edit the pictures. gah. so i'll just leave it for another time. for now, some photos of recent happenings :) 
Christmas + super belated birthday present from Steph! haha. i love the packaging of EVERYTHING. idk how can she be so talented lor :(  i jelly. :( :( :( 

 love love love the wrapping <3
thank you!

oh. and we went to CB the other night. it's been awhile? I was actually forced to go there *cough but yeah. i had fun. i guess. haha

 it was Melvin's birthday that night. :D
 not sure if i'm allowed to post the photos so just a few will do. haha

 super love this photo!! :D
everyone's smiling with teeth leh woots :D

and a few pic of my current obsession ---- spikes + studs :O

bah. guess that's the end of my update. haha
kinda down today cause I parked my car at the usual spot only it wasn't a proper parking spot. I was worried i'll have a saman or what but guess what greeted me when i reached my car -- a dent + scratches. :(
i was devastated. still am.
how can someone just hit my car then leave it like nothing happened. you know, i hope your car is even more damaged than mine. WTF CURSE YOU. ROAR.

pretty but so very not user friendly heels i got from Philippines. tried walking in them in the house the other day.

  yao wo de ming arrrrr !

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2012 Holiday #1

hi, i am back from the Philippines. finally a break (i desperately needed) from work. lolol. 
there's really nothing much to do online nowadays :| i'm so bored that i actually have to blog to stop myself from being bored. what. 

so just bear in mind that our new camera is nothing compared to the previous, hence all the pics are blurry like the one above. hah. i kid. i try my best to take steady shots, even if it means staying behind the group until i got the shot!

so we arrived in KK round lunch time. but it took us damn long time to reach the hotel cause we rented a car and took the wrong route to the hotel and got caught in the jam!! -_- 

what should've been a 15minutes drive to the hotel dragged on for more than an hour. D:
we were all exhausted and drained when we reached the hotel, especially dad. he was in a bad mood all the while driving. zzz renting a car - bad idea for bad tempered drivers. -_- 

after getting ready, we headed to 1Borneo!! and the shopping begins. hahaha
but wait, not all of us went shopping. three of my brothers, along with one of bro's friend, Vincent, watched a movie. they wanted to watch Hobbit but the time wasn't right. so all four of them ended up watching Twilight. HAHAHAHA. 

I on the other hand went shopping with Jonathan. HAHA okay honestly I feel bad he so kelian need to follow me shopping. no one likes shopping with me seriously cause i look at everything and just take too long when it comes to making decisions gahh. 

Tutti Frutti! one of my lifelong dream fulfilled. HAHA i've always envied people eating yoghurt treats cause there's none in Miri!! but i think it's kinda overrated cos the one i had is so so only. or maybe my expectations were too high.

at night we had dinner at Welcome Seafood. i think that's the name of the place. weird name if you ask me -.-

i have so many brothers -_-

our flight next day to Manila was in the evening. to my horror we just stayed at the hotel for the whole morning, then lunch, then camped at the airport. *gags*
let's skip the boring part, and fast forward to Manila! 

 pity boy is forced by yours truly to be the model, as always. haha

 gorgeous Christmas decorations. !

 we arrived there 9pm++ our uncle and aunt came to pick us. then we went for dinner at.. Mang Inasal. don't ask me what that means cause i've no idea. hahaha. all i know is it serves Philippino food

 unlimited rice!!!

 typical Malaysian reaction when seeing free stuff. HAHA

 seriously wtf at the portion. so small. in my head i was like how am i supposed to be full from THIS?!
but in the end i was quite full also. lolol.

 it's damn yummy btw. omg. and it's quite cheap too. 30-40Pesos per set? that's like around RM3. :O
(allow me to remind you that rice is unlimited! plus they scoop it to you just like ice cream. woah)

 halo halo. this is similar to abc in Philippines. :D

okay. that is all i will continue next time. hahaha i hope i will.