Saturday, 18 January 2014

salmon heaven

last Wednesday, Doreen, Joan and I headed up to Brunei for a little road trip sushi therapy.
it was awesome!! the sushi was awesome. haha! 

looking at these pictures makes my mouth water so freakin bad :( 

so the main reason for this post is to not let these good pictures go to waste :9 
so here goes ----- glimpse of heaven! haha

you better stop reading if 
a) it's late in the night 
b) your stomach's making weird noises which may or may not be growling noises

only when we look back on pictures then we realize that almost all of our dishes contains salmon. 
I can't express my love for salmon. it's simply indescribable

salmon sashimi
if you do not love salmon, i have nothing to say to you. 

oh gosh, when this came my mouth literally watered. 
plus we were sitting at the table beside the sushi train, so service was superbly fast. (or maybe it's cause there wasn't much people there bahaha) 
but it felt so good having your sushi handed over directly by the chef (?) instead of through waitresses. plus our orders arrived so quick! 

salmon unagi rolls

when words fail, picture speaks. and this picture is representation of my love for salmon. hahahaha 

-okay so this is the part where i forget the names of the food-

salmon with cheese, gigantic in size too.
now that's what i'm talking bout!

smoked salmon cheese balls. 
this was so-so for me, I didn't really like the smoked salmon. should've ordered the raw version of this. :D


this sushi tasted weird. 
I guess I didn't like the combination of sesame with (what looks like) everything on my sushi. :| 

I LOVE tofu skin sushis!!! hahaha. this one has salmon inside. 
salmon + mayo + sweet tofu + rice
what more can an Asian girl ask for?

this was last to arrive, which means we were already bloated when it made its entrance. 
I somehow managed to finish mine! hahaha. the filling in the middle is really nice. crunchy!

so as per tradition, after drowning ourselves in sushi, we shop in Supa Save

this is Doreen, tying her shoe laces when we reached. I laughed and walked over and she didn't even lift her head and said
 "fine fine. I do." 

HAHA geeezzz 

cute chocolates! 

Cheetos! hahaha

took this picture to show it to my dad so he can help me buy some next time. but guess who's too lazy to show it to him. HAHAHA -_- 

okayy that's the end of the post. 
hope you enjoyed torturing yourself looking at those salmon pictures.


Excapade better pay up if they want to use my gorgeous salmon pic in their menu. *snorts

Excapade, if you see this, I don't mind free sushi trips.