Saturday, 28 February 2015

forever will be our always

last picture of us together.


someone tell me how do I go on?
the most important thing keeping me sane is gone, and i don't know how to move forward.

i still remember lazing in bed with you this morning. how did everything become so messed up? how did I lose you, so soon..

my baby, i will love you forever. you will never be replaced.

the image of you lying lifeless on the ground is engraved in my mind. please don't ever leave me in memory. thank you for being with me, for making me feel better. you never failed to do so. you made me know how it feels to love

i'm sorry i let you out this afternoon. all i wanted was to give you freedom you deserved. i should've let you back in the house earlier. before my parents' guests started arriving which scared you. i should've been there to bring you back in the house. but i wasn't.

and you kept running, running, running away. just like you do when anyone else calls after you. i wish i was there to bring you back in. but i wasn't. i wasn't there.

maybe things would've been different if i took a little less time to get ready. why the fuck was i so stupid'

i wanted more years with you. 10 years at least. but all i got was a little more than a year. it will never be enough. i want you back. please come back.