Saturday, 3 June 2017

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor *uncontrolled fangirl mode*

-spoiler alert- 
just a silly rant post by yours truly. 

needless to say, i've watched Wonder Woman and am currently tending to my Steve Trevor/Diana Prince almost-love-story hangover. gahh i mean, it's Chris Pine!! beautiful, beautiful Chris Pine. *swoons*

this may be just me, but i like a little love story in these superhero movies. but as it is a superhero movie after all, there has to be more world saving/kick ass battling than the mushy love stuff. which i think is balanced perfectly in the latest Wonder Woman movie. I mean it really helped that Wonder Woman's lover is Chris Pine. :p

i mean, look at him? looking so fine and all.

anyways, i loved them together in the movie!! *fan girl squeal*

from the moment they met, how Diana so innocently tells Steve how she was made from clay by Zeus himself as if it were the most natural way to be brought to life. and Steve obviously in disbelief, eyes widened and just says "that's neat" hahaha. the chemistry was there, and it was funny.

i liked how the movie brought them together. they're both pretty attractive (duh) but i love how the movie didn't emphasize on the whole "love at first sight oh you're the one" crap. nope. they got to know each other slowly, and in the scene where Chris brought Gal to pick out new clothes to fit in, you can see from the way he looks at her that he's obviously attracted to her but tries to control it and wants to make her stand out less, him being a spy and all. if it were a love story, i bet they would've created this scene in slow-mo, haha but i guess they can't do it in a superhero film as it would be weird. but i'm glad they didn't exclude it.

fast forward to the fighting scene. they were at the front line, Wonder Woman sees all the distraught war victims and wants to save them all. Chris insists that there are limitations and that you can't save everyone that it's impossible and that they have to keep moving forward. WW was angry and ditches them and goes forward. Chris, of course, had no choice and followed suit, risking his life, battling beside her. (not everyone has superhuman agility and bullet-reflective shields fyi wonder woman.)

ANYWAYS, at this scene WW turns and sees Chris beside her and she smiles. that too is a show of affection and you can feel them growing closer.

fast forward to them winning the battle and celebrating in the small town with drinks and songs and dancing. So Chris asks her to dance and they did. standing closer than ever, wooooooo. i can't remember if they kissed here, i think they didn't. but they did kiss when they got back to the room. yasssszzzzz.

but boohoo, it was fast forward to world-saving again and they were back to business.

anyways, long story short they were fighting different battles - WW with Ares and Chris & team trying to stop the plane loaded with poisonous gas from taking off. so Chris came up with a -not so brilliant- plan on how to stop the plane. yah know. sacrifice and all that shit for the greater good. WHY THO?!

on the other hand, WW was losing badly she lost her sword and all and i was like tf is she gonna beat the God of War with?? lol. so as she was thrown to the ground by Ares, Chris squeezes in time, runs up to her, and says the sweetest thing that made my heart feel so whole and also so broken BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. like how is that possible but yeah it happened.

he said something like this:

Steve: I have to go.
WW: where?
Steve: the plane, i need to stop it.
WW: I can do it. let me do it.
Steve: No. it has to be me. Let me save the world today, and you save the world tomorrow. (refering to Wonder Woman's battle with Ares)
*Steve places watch in WW's hand*
Steve: I wish we could've had more time.
           I love you.

(this is purely from memory i'm too lazy to Google the exact lines, but now that i've typed it out it just sounds weird LOL but i can't find them anywhere on the internet darn)

and off Steve goes on his suicide mission to save the world from the poisonous gas. :( i half wished Wonder Woman would save him but i guess we can't all get what we want. SIGH.
so there WW lay on the ground, watching the plane Steve was on light up in flames in the sky. she screams and suddenly she had all the power in the world to kill Ares. lol i guess it takes losing someone you love to gain some extra power you never knew you had. BOOOOHOOOOOOO.

adding this pic of half naked Chris to cheer myself up as i'm getting a little too emotional for someone who saw the movie 24 hours ago.

so to end this rather pointless post of mine, i just want to say that i love how Wonder Woman pushes Steve to be brave, to fight for what is right. and i love how Steve taught Wonder Woman how important love is, that it may be just what the world needs to save itself. in a way, even though it was Wonder Woman who led men into battle, it was a particularly brave man who gave her the strength she needed to finish off the battle.

"thanks for bringing him back to me" - Wonder Woman writes to Batman in present time as he sent her a copy of the original photo taken of her and Steve Trevor, and also his watch. :)

love love love. can they do a spin off to this love story? so at least i can drool a little while longer at Chris Pine. on the other hand, i don't mind Wonder Woman with Batman. hahha!!!


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